Shereen McKellar
Lovers And Roommates



I picked up my two large Bed Bath & Beyond bags off the counter, thanked the cashier with a friendly smile and switched out the automatic, double sliding doors. Since Bed Bath & Beyond sent me two of their usual twenty percent off coupons a couple of weeks ago, I took full advantage. I bought a pair of gold and a pair of maroon striped sheets for my bed and two bottles of Chamomille and Vanilla Bean Linen Spray. There's nothing like sleeping or just relaxing on a pair of nice, clean, fresh-smelling pair of sheets. I stood by the box filled with white, heavy duty plastic hangers and searched for Keyarra.

"Damn, where is that girl at?" I wondered. My eyes scanned outside the gigantic window to see if she was waiting inside the store instead, but I didn't see her. "She was right in front of me. Don't tell me she went back inside to buy something else." Unlike Zayla, Keyarra liked to shop at the same places like me and didn't mind spending the extra cheddar either. Zayla, on the other hand, is a different story. She liked to shop too, but she was the reigning Princess of The Bargain Department Stores. You wouldn't catch Miss Cheap Ass in Bed, Beyond & Bath, Macy's, Bloomingdales or any other high-priced store unless someone gave her a gift card. She would always say, "Those stores are too rich for my blood." Instead, you find her roaming the aisles and attacking the shelves in places like Marshall's and TJ Maxx. Don't get me wrong, those places had some cute stuff. As a matter of fact, I bought a pair of cute shoes and a couple of dresses from TJ Maxx, but they were one of those stores that the majority of the time you go in there they had those Grandma looking clothes or those Brady Bunch sheets in there. Plus, I didn't feel like spending minute after minute going through merchandise just to find something I liked. I like going into stores that's more organized where I can just grab it off the rack or off the shelf.

Just as I was about to head back inside the store and look for her, she was sashaying towards me in her sharp ass, black, patent leather strapped up wedges, or as I refer to them as the Ride-Me-Like-Six Flags-Over-Great-Adventure wedge sandals. I made a mental note to steal that from her closet when she wasn't home as I watched her long, silky hair bouncing up and down. God, she has some pretty hair. I can't stand her.

"What you do? Buy something else?" I asked her while we bounded towards the exit doors.

"I was about to, but I decided to be a good girl before I got into trouble." She grinned. "I tell you, that store will have you spending all your money."

"Won't it though? If I had to choose anywhere to die it would be either inside here or Bloomingdale's."

"I know, right," Keyarra agreed. "Plus, Zayla just called me on my cell phone rushing for us to hurry up cause she's starving like Carvin."

"Awww here she go." I groaned, stepping outside where the cool breeze hit my face and the sun beamed down on my forehead.

As soon as I slid my dark shades with gold trim on, I spotted Zayla standing by an empty handicapped space. She looked like she was a step away from strutting down the runway in her tight blue jeans, white blouse, gold totebag and gold jewelry.

She had her hands on her narrow hips and eyed our bags. "What the hell have y'all been doin'? Buying the whole store? I've been in the car for like a minute.

"Will you stop complaining?" I rolled my eyes. Zayla was my girl and all, but sometimes she can be like a menopausal postal worker. "We weren't even in there that long." P> "Well it was long to me especially since my stomach is growling." She countered as we bounded towards my Stratus. Since Zayla didn't have a car, but had her driver's license I let her drive it to Marshalls'. "Where y'all want to go anyway?" She handed me back my car keys.

"We can go to Wok and have some Chinese food." I suggested, powering off the car alarm and sliding into the driver's seat.

"Hell to the oh no! I'm not doing no Chinese food." Zayla replied adamantly and shook her head. "I got shrimp fried rice and egg rolls coming out my damn ears. How about we do Ruby Tuesdays? I can just taste their buffalo wings."

Keyarra scrunched up her face like she smelled rotten meat and climbed in the backseat. "Ugh, I hate Ruby Tuesdays'. It's too ghetto. How about we go to Bertucci's?"

Both Zayla and I agreed to the idea, and I entered into the crowded parking lot where it was filled with various cars from the inexpensive to the very expensive. We headed inside and were seated at a booth towards the back of the restaurant. Within a few minutes, we knew what we wanted to drink and eat. Well, Keyarra and Zayla knew what they wanted. I was still undecided.

My eyes scanned the soup and salads section of the menu when a masculine voice asked. "How are you ladies doing today?"

I looked up from the menu to see the face with the voice and my tongue almost fell out my mouth. Standing next to me and right in front of my face in 3-D was the finest waiter I've ever seen. He had to give or take five foot nine with sexy bushy eyebrows. Coffee brown eyes framed his mahogany complexion. Boy was fine as hell! No, boy was fine as shit! He had the type of fineness you would see in the movies, or at least on a TV show. He pulled out his pad and a click pen out the pocket of his black pants and continued. "My name is Ramon and I will be your waiter today. Can I start you ladies off with something to drink?" Umph! Even his name is sexy. Ramon. Ooh la la. I wanted to say, "Yeah, you can start me off with something today like your phone number, but before I could open my mouth Zayla ordered lemon fried chicken wings and an order of spaghetti with meatballs and a glass of Coca-Cola for herself. Since Keyarra wasn’t a soda drinker she ordered a glass of water with a twist of lemon and an order of rigatoni, broccoli and chicken with lemon garlic cream. Then he stared into my beautiful cocoa brown eyes waiting for my answer. Umph! Ramon was 19895468715.2 percent fine.

"May I get a Sprite?" I eyed the black polo shirt hugging his chest and biceps. "And I haven't figured out what I want for my meal yet."

"Sure. I'll be right back with your drinks."

He walked away from the table which gave me time to do some booty checking and what a nice butt it was! It was a tight and firm-looking butt. The kind I liked.

Suddenly Zayla dabbed the corners of my mouth with a napkin. "What you do that for?" I frowned.

She placed the napkin in my lap and answered. "I had to wipe the drool from your mouth."

"Yeah, cause you were droolin'." said Keyarra. "And it's not a pretty sight."

"I wasn't drooling."

Zayla remarked. "The devil is a liar and your weave is on fire."

"But y'all have to admit Ramon is foine! That's the kind of guy that I liiiike, that's what I'm looking for." I sang and danced inside the booth.

"Yeah, he's cute!" Keyarra commented.

"Cute!" I whipped my head around and looked at her like she was crazy. "Babies in strollers are cute! Yorkies with bows in their hair are cute! Guinea pigs in cages are cute! That boy is fine! Oh yeah, I definitely gotta get with that."

When he returned to our table and placed our drinks in front of us, I took my chance to seize the opportunity. "I decided what I wanted which is the Balsamic Chicken with string beans and mashed potatoes. And there's something else I want to, but I don't see it on the menu."

"Oh, and what's that?"

"You." I purred seductively, hoping he would smile so I could what he was working with behind those soft looking, juicy lips. Smile, baby, smile. I love a guy with nice teeth. I couldn't stand to see a fine guy that has teeth so yellow you can't believe it's not butter or just plain jacked up teeth. Yuck!

Out the corner of my eye, I noticed Zayla turn her head away from the table and mumble, 'Oh, no she didn't!' while Keyarra spit out a mouthful of water. I just ignored them. They should be used to my flirting. Unlike their asses, I don't think I'm too good to approach a guy. I'm the kind of girl once I see something I like I'm going to go after it. And ten out of ten, I get what I want.

"Oh, you want me huh?" He flashed me two rows of perfectly aligned gleaming white teeth. Cha-ching! I hit the jackpot.

"Yeah, so do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend?" Hey, I had to ask because nowadays you can't be sure if a brother prefers laying down carpets or playing with tools.

"No to having a girlfriend and a hell no to having a boyfriend. I don't swing that way, sweetheart."

"Just checking." Good, he didn't have a girlfriend and he didn't like men.

"So what's your name?" Ramon asked.

"My name is Shannon." I told him. "And these are my friends, Keyarra," I pointed to Keyarra. Then I pointed to Zayla. "And this is Zayla."

They exchanged hellos and friendly smiles.

"So do you want to go out?" I smiled. "Or do I have only today to look at you?"

"Yeah," He had the nicest smile. "What you want to do?"

"Surprise me."

"All right. How about you give me your number?"

I picked up a napkin from the pile of napkins on the table, reached inside my pocketbook for my pen and jotted down my number on it before handing it to Mr. Fine Ass. "Call me."

He smiled and nodded his head. "Let me go get you ladies your meals. They should be ready." He stepped away from our table.

"You are too much, Shannon." Keyarra grinned, jiggling the chopped ice cubes inside her glass with her straw.

"I'm just enough. What are you talking about?"

Keyarra mocked in a voice pouring with seduction and made flirty eyes. "There's something else I want, but I don't see it on the menu."

Then she mocked Ramon's deep voice. "Oh, and what's that?"

"You." She mimicked my seductive voice again. She and Zayla fell out laughing.

I joined in on their laughter and hunched my shoulders. "Come on, y'all know how I do. It's not like y'all just now knowing me."

"Yeah, but he's supposed to be doing the approaching." replied Keyarra. "Like the Bible says, "He who findeth a wife findeth a good thing."

"Amen girl. Amen." Zayla agreed as she and Keyarra slapped hi-fives across the table.

"I'm not looking to marry the guy, Old Testament." I took another sip of my soda. "I just want to have some fun. And sometimes you gotta give a guy leadway. And let me tell you guys love it when girls ask them out. It takes the pressure off of them."

"Well I guess he's gonna be filled with pressure." Zayla said. "Because I'm not approaching no guy. Nope, never, no way, nada. He better find the confidence to approach me. And that's real."

Just then Ramon returned to our table and placed our dinners in front of us. We threw each other flirtatious glances before he strolled over to the booth in front of us which was occupied by a twenty something looking Caucasian couple. For twenty-five to thirty minutes, me and my girls talked about our jobs and how we were going to hook up our apartment as we devoured our food. While we talked more than half of my brain was focused on Ramon and how our date was going to be. Since I didn't have enough cash on me, Keyarra and Zayla gave me their money and I handed Ramon my Visa check card. After I signed my name, I slipped the restaurant's receipt and fifteen dollar tip inside the navy blue bill folder and exited the table. As I was about to slip my copy of the receipt inside my wallet, I noticed a phone number written on the back in black ink. Above it, it had Ramon's name.

Immediately a Koolaid smile spread across my face as I switched towards the exit doors. Then I heard a male voice call out my name. "Hey Shannon,"

I spun around to find Ramon carrying two plates of salads. "Don't lose that number." He gestured towards the receipt. From then on I was floating on cloud triple nine.