Shereen McKellar

Born and raised in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia, Shereen McKellar developed a love for reading. She was an avid reader of books by Judy Blume, Beverly Clearly, Paula Danziger and the different children/young adult book series such as The Babysitters' Club, Sweet Valley Twins and The Fabulous Five. Shereen's first two book series Summerdale Friends and Greenfield Friends which she created during her pre-teen years was inspired by those series she enjoyed reading. Although she loved writing and received numerous recommendations from classmates and friends to pursue a writing career, Shereen had dreams of becoming a famous choreographer and dancer. It wasn't until she acknowledged her lack of passion for dancing and read Omar Tyree's Flyy Girl that she aspired to become an author. She attended both Community College of Philadelphia and Temple University where she took various Creative Writing classes. Once she received her B.A. in Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media, she began to work on Girl Talk, a collection of teen chick-lit stories. Girl Talk is a combination of personal experiences, other individuals' personal experiences, things Shereen wished would have happened to her and good old imagination. Besides creating characters and storylines, Shereen enjoys listening to music, traveling, attending plays and concerts and spending time with her family.