Shereen McKellar


I have a message for you loud and clear
Listen up cause I want you to hear
Remember when you said you were my friend
True blue to the very end
Well, youíre a big, fat liar my so-called friend
The time is up-this is the very end
Save the dumbfounded looks and donít try to deny
When you have done nothing but gossip, deceive and lie
Spreading lies about me at every chance you get
To everyone you have ever come in contact with or has ever met
I found out about the tall tales you told about me and my family
Even insinuated things about my sexuality
And to think I thought you were real cool-girl was I in for a surprise
Youíre nothing but a freakiní she-devil in disguise
So listen carefully to what I have to say
Donít you dare call me night, noon or day
Spring, summer, winter or fall
Because I donít want to be bothered by your shadiness at all
When you see me on the street, donít even think about saying hi
Just glance and walk your self right on by
As a matter of fact, throw out my number and forget my name
Oh, trust I will definitely do the same
This may or may not break your heart
But, hey, you're the one that broke us apart
So this is my message for you and Iím going my merry way
Iíll see you hopefully never and have a rotten day.


Donít let life pass you by
You never know when youíre going to leave this earth
In the blink of an eye
Never question why life has been unfair to you
Enjoy all the things the Lord has given you
Be grateful for a roof over your head, water to drink and food to eat
Clothes on your back and shoes on your feet
Reach for your dreams and achieve your goals
No one knows how much time you have
Only God knows
So before you moan, complain and question the Lord
Stop to appreciate because you have a lot to be thankful for


Don't judge because I don't attend church, that alone won't get you into heaven
Doesn't faze me that your favorite number is the holy number seven
Don't judge because I don't know all the biblical facts
When you're knowingly engaging in unholy and unnatural acts
I don't care how many times you claim to do the holy shout
If you really don't know what it is about
It doesn't impress me how much you love and praise the Lord
What impresses me is you know what Christ Lord stands for
It doesn't matter how you try to hold onto your holier thou thou profile
because I know about your less than holier lifestyle
Don't preach to me that I should always attend your Bible study
When you're constantly club hopping, fornicating and drinking forties
Don't accost me and say I don't dress like a true Christian
When you're always judging others, unlike a TRUE Christian, time and time again
So before you shake your head, frown and judge everybody
Remember we all sin that's why Jesus died on Calvary
And realize that being a Christian isn't about judging our sisters and brothers
But encouraging, loving and praying for one another

(Dedicated to the survivors and those who lost a loved one during the attacks on 9/11)

Tears streaming down my face
as I watched in disbelief at what took place
The World Trade Center came tumbling down
while debris, smoke and soot filled the town
People crying and running down the streets
as particles from the towers surrounded the air and their feet
I sat on my bed and I cried
thinking about all those innocent people who have died
Police officers, rescue workers and firemen
and other types of working men and women
Children without their fathers and mothers
Ladies and gents without their sisters, brothers and significant others
People without their friends and colleagues
A supervisor without his seven-hundred employees
I wished more people would have survived, but it was too late
Some even jumped out the windows that sealed their fate
This day really changed what's important in my mind
Things we take for granted all the time
It's not about having designer clothes and expensive cars
Or idolizing movie, TV and music stars
It's about enjoying life wonders and having fresh air to breathe
and enjoying the company of your friends and family
Yes, Tuesday, September 11 is a day I will always remember
for it has changed my outlook on life forever.